Care Tips for Guatemalan Handbags

These gorgeous one of a kind Mayan Huipil handbags have all been crafted by hand by talented Mayan artisans in Guatemala. The textiles on the bags come from up-cycled Huipils (pronounced Wi-pil) the traditional shirt worn by Guatemalan women using an old weaving technique that has been passed down for generations called "back strap loom." It can sometimes take up to six months to complete one Huipil. Artisan bags crafted by artisan hands! If you notice any threading come undone, do not pull on it. Simply take a pair of small scissors and cut it. Be gentle.

The beautiful full grain leather that accents your Mayan bag has been tanned, dyed, treated and cured in traditional techniques, as a result the leather maintains a natural beauty and soft texture. The variations in color and texture seen are not imperfections or damage, rather it lends to the character of the bag even more. The natural oils of your skin, direct sunlight, water, humidity all will lend to the enhancement of the color of the leather over time. Denim and other dyed colors that rub off will discolor or stain the leather. If you prefer to treat your leather it is recommended to test a small area before wholly applying. Although it is not required, many choose to scotch guard the textile portion of their bag for added protection.